Taking into account that a large number of vessels are registered under the Panama flag operates in Eastern Europe, which requires the provision of documentation services for both vessels and seafarers on board, and taking into account the fact that maritime development in Ukraine, opens many opportunities, the Panama Maritime Authority (Autoridad Marítima De Panamá) has opened Auxiliary Registrar Office in Ukraine.

Ukraine has a favorable strategic position in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. The seaport industry of Ukraine is one of the priority areas of development in the country’s economy. Today in Ukraine there are 13 seaports, 3 navigable rivers in Ukraine, two of which are in the TOP-5 largest rivers in Europe, and 16 river ports and terminals. Container transshipment in Ukraine is growing significantly, and private container terminals are successfully operating in Ukrainian ports, which plan to develop their capacity in the current era.

In order to provide high-quality maritime services to Shipowners and Seafarers, as well as the need to provide an effective documentation service, the Panama Maritime Administration has the power to appoint Auxiliary Registrars, which shall have jurisdiction in the territorial district designated for that purpose by an administrative act ordering their appointment.

On November 11, 2020, Auxiliary Registrar Office of Panama Maritime Authority has been officially opened in Ukraine, Odessa. According to RESOLUTION ADM No. 162-11-2020 of November 11, 2020, Evgeniy Sukachev was appointed by AMP as Auxiliary Registrar.

AMP Auxiliary Registrar Office provides 24/7 efficient and high-quality maritime services for all Shipowners under Panamanian flag in Black Sea Region and all over the world.

                                     Advantages of the Panamanian Ship Registry:

  • Free nationality of shipowners
  • Agile and efficient service (24/7)
  • Favorable taxation
  • Compliance with International Maritime Safety agreements
  • No requisites on minimum tonnage or age of vessel
  • Security in matters of Registration
  • Extensive network of Consulates around the world
  • Special Bareboat-charter Registration
  • Discount up to 100% for newly built vessels according to their tonnage
  • Discount up to 100% for vessels belonging to an important economic group


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