For Shipowners and Shipbuilders who intend to register their ships under the Panamanian flag, there is a possibility to do it directly through the Registration Office Panama Maritime Authority in Ukraine. Once the application is filed and the registration fees paid, the Provisional Registration Certificate (valid for 6 months) and the Provisional Radio License (valid for three months) are issued within a few days.



  • Application form for registration
  • Сopy of the Bill of Sale or the Builder’s Certificate (if the vessel is new).
  • Copy of Power of Attorney for Local Agent in Panama
  • Copies of Certificates from the previous flag: Registration Certificate, Radio License, and Minimum Safe Manning Certificate + Tonnage Certificate, Document of Compliance of the Managing Company, Ship’s Certificate ISM, Ship Security Certificate.

All forms and copies of documents for provisional registration are provided in electronic form after which the necessary originals for permanent registration are provided within the agreed time period.

Issue of provisional certificates for a period of 6 months provides the opportunity to navigate without interrupting the work of the vessel, while you have the opportunity to properly prepare and provide all the necessary originals of documents for permanent registration.


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