Meeting on partnership with Odessa Maritime Academy

It was a fruitful and interesting meeting with Professor Dr. Mykhaylo Miyusov, Rector in National University Odessa Maritime Academy, and Mr. Evgeniy Sukachev, Auxiliary Registrar in AMP Auxiliary Registrar Office in Ukraine, and discussed future partnership.

Mr. Sukachev is an alumnus of National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» and The BLACK SEA LAW COMPANY, where he is the senior partner, has a long partnership with Academy regarding annual practice for students.

The assistance to seafarers with working documents and possible cooperation with shipowners had been discussed.

Furthermore, it was a great pleasure to remind the time of working practice on the sailing vessel “Druzjba” at the begging of the 2000s, good memories make your life much more vivid.

That was not only an honorable visit but also a pleasant meeting of the people who love the Ocean!

National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” graduates cadets and future seamen. National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” is a leading educational, scientific and methodical center, which defines the strategy and the ways of maritime education and training development in Ukraine.

APM Auxiliary Registrar Office in Ukraine has its location in Odessa and provides all services to shipowners and seafarers with relevant documents issued by Panama Maritime Authority and support with legal assistance any shipowner who is calling Ukrainian ports 24/7.